Choosing Jewellery for the Little Ones

Choosing Jewellery for the Little Ones

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It is custom to gift little children jewellery. When you visit them for the first time, or for their naming ceremony or for their first, and subsequent birthdays…or any other special occasion in their lives. Families tend to gift delicate pieces of jewellery to little ones of their close relatives and friends.

Gone are the days when chunky pieces of adult-sized jewellery were cut down to fit little ones. Today, brands offer an exclusive children’s range of jewellery for you to choose from. Usually gold is the preferred choice of precious metals. This is closely followed by silver. Here is a look at some of the options available:

Anklets: Most parents love to adorn the little feet of their children with anklets or ankle bracelets. While anklets are a thin chain of gold or silver with a single ghunghroo or bell at the clasp, ankle bracelets are a thicker version with multiple bells that jingle as a child crawls around. These are used on both boys and girls, making it a perfect gift for you to purchase in view of an impending birth.

Chains and Pendants: These are gifts that are ideal for a toddler or a slightly older child for reasons of safety. Opt for shorter chains that a child cannot tangle himself in. Chains are available in a range of designs from simple gold cords, to braided cords, interlinked versions and much more. Choose something delicate, yet versatile enough to hold a range of pendants.

Pendants today are designed keeping little children in mind as well. From religious symbols to popular cartoon characters, to birthstone pendants and even the initial of a child’s name, you have a wide range to choose from.

Waistbands and arm bands: These are generally presented to children at their naming or cradling ceremonies. You will also see little ones wearing these during important family functions. Wrist and arm bands are usually designed in gold and vary in terms of breadth and patterns for boys and girls. These may also be studded with precious stones and beads to make them look age appropriate. They are however used for both sexes and therefore make a great gifting option.

Bangles and Bracelets: Again popularly sought after in gold, there are several versions of this for you to consider. Bands of gold with designs carved into them are one option. Another kind of bangle has the more trendy approach with twists, braids and interlinks being used to create a bangle. Add to these, precious stones and you have a delicate pair for those small hands. Charm bracelets are also one of the most popular of children’s jewellery. The charm can be the initial of a child’s name or cartoon characters or those that are symbolic of a child—an ice-cream, a unicorn, a cat and dog and an angel perhaps.

Earrings: Little girls and in many cases little boys as well, wear earrings. These too are now available in pure gold, or a gold base with precious stones embedded in them. Single stones studs are also opted for a lot.

While these are the broad categories of children’s jewellery that you can look through, there are so many versions of jewellery within each category. This ensures that you never run out of something good to gift those little tots.



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