Chic chokers to statement necklaces…

Chains are an integral part of any jewellery collection. Be it heavy, traditional jewellery or modern
ones, no collection is complete without interesting chains/necklaces. Chains come in all shapes and
sizes -long, short, layered, etc. They are also available in different varieties like antique pieces, bridal
neckpieces, choker necklaces, simple long chains, gemstone-studded necklaces, among others. If you
are a chain lover and would like to know more about what to include in your collection, this is the
right article for you:

1) Heavy, traditional pieces: Traditional neckpieces add to the class of every woman’s jewellery
collection. It may be from their bridal assortment or bought for any special occasion or just a grand
indulgence. Whether it is gold or gemstone-studded, traditional pieces are a perfect choice when we
have to dress up for festivities and other occasions like weddings. Every region or community has
their own unique traditional jewellery works. They are beautiful, exquisite and inspired from tales of
yesteryears. Jos Alukkas loves to recreate these classics, in its most authentic style.

2) Modern pieces: Light-weight, yet classy, contemporary, chic neckpieces are an absolute delight to
wear. They go beautifully with casual dresses or any Western wear. Mostly available in rose gold,
silver and platinum, they can be found in fun, trendy designs. Being lightweight and comfortable,
they are a hit among young girls and also working women, who look for subtle yet classy jewellery to
complement their professional attire.

3) Long chains: Long chains have been around forever and are a permanent in every jewellery look.
Traditionally, no bridal look was complete without a lovely, broad long chain. All gold is the most
popular version but today you also find stone-studded, enamel worked designs. Interestingly, today
there is also a range of simple long chains with bead highlights or a pendant. They can be ideal as a
casual accessory. Layered chains also are an improvised version of long chains.

4) Chokers: It’s a trend that caught on and stayed. Women all over the world love chokers as they
can be paired with a traditional wear, an elegant dress or even beautifully complement a fun, casual
jeans/top combo. When you wear a choker, there is no need for any other jewellery as the choker is
a style statement in itself.

Chains or neckpieces can be versatile and help you make a classy style statement. There is a
neckpiece for every style; just get creative and enjoy your jewellery.


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