Buying jewellery? Go vintage!

Buying jewellery? Go vintage!


Old is gold. This saying cannot be truer than in the case of antique/vintage jewellery. The popularity of antique jewellery has seen an upward trend and it doesn’t look like it is coming down any time soon! The present generation, especially young brides, have shown a keen interest in antique/vintage jewellery and this explains the huge surge in demand.

What is antique jewellery? How is it different from the regular jewellery and what makes it so popular? Read on to find out.

The United States defines antique jewellery as pieces that are more than a century old. Even though they are rarely worn or displayed, antique jewellery does make special appearances on weddings or anniversaries in the form of “grandma’s necklace” or “grandpa’s lucky bracelet”. As for vintage jewellery, pieces 50 to 100 years old fall into this category. As time passes, vintage items, which are in a good condition, can also be considered “antique”. Comparing the two, industry experts feel vintage jewellery is more the in thing now than antique adornments.

The reasons vintage jewellery has caught the fancy of customers, especially the youth, are simple – current fashion trends, cost and quality. Vintage jewellery is timeless and “in fashion” across seasons. A vintage piece can catapult you into a different league from your contemporaries and make you the connoisseur of all eyes. It can even do wonders for a simple outfit and helps you create your own fashion statement.

Even though the cost of vintage jewellery is high, most people consider it a one-time investment. Rather than spending large sums on different pieces, they wisely spend on a few vintage items, which add more effect to their overall look. In most weddings today, we find brides wearing only two or three classic pieces.

The last reason why people opt for vintage jewellery is the best one – its higher quality, which is a result of the use of superior materials and skilled craftsmanship. Vintage jewellery is known for its first-rate quality and that is what sets it apart from regular pieces of jewellery. The high cost of vintage jewellery has always incorporated its excellent components and accomplished workmanship.

In Kerala, young girls are showing keen interest in traditional jewellery pieces like Palakka Mothiram, Pappada Thaali and Elakkathali. Stores specializing in these jewellery pieces witness heavy rush all throughout the year. The demand skyrockets during wedding seasons.

Purchasing vintage jewellery is one thing and taking care of it another. As antique jewellery is something that is handed down over generations, extra care must be taken in preserving them. Jewellery pieces must be stored in wooden or metal boxes that protect them from atmospheric humidity and therefore, tarnish. Limited use of these vintage items is always advised. One can also clean these items using jewellery-specific cleaning solutions that are easily available in the market.

So get yourself that vintage piece you have always wanted and start a new fashion trend! Be it a special occasion or casual outings, vintage jewellery is always in vogue.


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