Bring home a diamond or more

Bring home a diamond or more

A diamond is something that you will treasure forever—be it a multi-carat solitaire or a small cluster of them on a ring. Diamonds can always bring a smile to the face and a glow that you will love. But the fact of the matter is that diamonds can be an expensive affair and therefore, you put your plans on hold.

But if monetary factor is the only thing standing between you and your diamond desire, then worry no more. There are several diamond collections at Jos Alukkas that are well within the reach of the average jewellery lover.

Take a look at the collection online and you will see a lovely choice in rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Each one of them gives you the elegance of a beautiful diamond, yet does not pinch hard on the wallet. Take a look at our diamond rings—a solitaire set in gold, a four petal flower dotted with diamonds, a band with small diamonds adorning it, a heart that has a row of diamonds caressing it on one side and more such fascinating designs.

If you would like to personalise your jewellery, choosing an alphabet to denote the initials of your name would be a great idea. Now think of this studded with diamonds studded on it– wouldn’t it be beautiful?

If you desire something more extravagant, you can always take a look at our necklaces, each one designed in a trendy manner to complement both western and Indian outfits. Making a style statement will never be difficult with these beauties.

Our diamond earrings are always in demand for their simplicity and beauty. We have earrings that range from simple every day wear to those that are more elegant and meant for a formal evening. Browse through out gold and diamond or platinum and diamond collections. We are sure you will have a few choices lined up.

Often it’s the simplest of things that livens up an outfit to the maximum. A good bracelet does that. The Jos Alukkas collection of diamond and gold bracelets will have you wishing for them all. And at the prices we offer, you most definitely can consider that as well. The designs are delicate, nature inspired as well as those with classic patterns that never go out of style.

A nose pin can brighten up your face unlike anything else. And that alone is reason for you to look through the Jos Alukkas nose pin collection. They are delicate, elegant and with diamonds that you would love to show off.

So get online and browse through the diamond collection of Jos Alukkas. You will find that there is more than just one pretty thing for you in there.


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