Blazing styles for a hot summer

Blazing styles for a hot summer


Now that summer is upon us, it is time to bring out the light, floral dresses, shorts and summer skirts out of the closet. The thought of summer brings to mind visions of all things light and carefree. Your jewellery too can follow that trend during summer. You may wonder if one needs to think so much while selecting jewellery. Yes! One wrong pick and you could end up being a fashion disaster. So to avoid all that, read on and take note of the jewellery trends for Summer 2015.

Gold, silver arm cuffs: The hottest trend for summer this year are sleek bracelets and cuffs in gold or silver. Not the chunky kinds, yet designed to grab attention. Best-selling among these cuffs are silver and gold swirls adorned with exquisite pearls. Team up these pieces with a bright summer dress and you will be the star of all evening parties.

Anklets: Pair beautifully designed gold and silver anklets with your summer dresses to give them an attractive edge. Not only are they minimalistic in appearance, they also do not take away the focus from your bright, summery outfits. Lovely designs are available in the market as a single anklet or in pairs.

Charm lockets: This summer, let your elegant charm pendant be your style statement. Keeping with the “less is more” theme of this season, pair up a shiny metal chain with a vintage locket to charm your friends. Alternatively, dress up your neck with a large string of pearls or beads. 

Daring ear pieces: Be bold and beautiful this summer with some really daring and adventurous ear pieces. Available in gold, silver and other metals, these bold earrings add that extra zing to your summer attire. So be a sport and go get that adventurous look.

Get beaded:  It is not all about gold and silver though. Beads also find top spot on the must-have list of fashionistas. On a bright and hot day, plastic and cloth beads work better than any sparkly jewellery. Brightly coloured beads can add colour to even a dull outfit.

Now that jewellery is all taken care of, let us move on to the make-up and hair trends in vogue for Summer 2015.

Make-up: The highlight of make-up trends for this summer is punctuated red lips, which looks bright and attractive. Instead of a uniform coat for your lips, you start darker in the middle and go light as you reach the corners. The trend for eyebrows is blond brows and this has been an instant fashion hit.

For the face, the bronze sun-tanned look as well as the nude look are very much in demand this season with fashion observers giving these a thumbs-up. The fresh no-makeup look is also finding many takers. Next we come to eyeliners. This summer, “go bold, go black” with your eyeliner, with bold strokes for your peepers. Point to note: When using more eyeliner, tone down the rest of your make-up. It always works better that way!

Hair: The Bohemian look is back this season with waves of hair flowing over summery pastels and floral designs. Ponytails also make a comeback with some looking chic and elegant while some are light and laid back.

Braids and twists are very much the in thing too. Twisted rope, loose braids and cornered buns can be seen on all fashion runways. The “big bun” and “out-of-the-water” sleek looks are also hot favourites this season. 

The bestsellers in jewellery, hair and make-up are all out there for you to try out. So what are you waiting for? Go try these trends out and make your summer a fashionably memorable one!


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