Be You, Stylishly!

Be You, Stylishly!

Make a defining statement with the gold and diamond accessories you wear. Have your own style when it comes to dressing up. There’s a lot to choose from all round you: latest designs, world colours and combinations, new trends. But it’s up to you to decide how to wear them. Each person is different and having a unique style adds to your personality and charm. Innovate and wear them.

There are some pieces you can’t do without. Like that stud earring that you’ve always loved. One that goes well with western and traditional outfits. Elegant and polished. Or maybe hoops are your favourite. Match them with a lovely dress or stylish pant suit. But make sure it’s your own ensemble. Putting it together takes time and effort. So plan well.

Look for platinum or white gold. Intricate designs that are in fashion and trending across the country. Pair them well with your clothes and shoes. Also, look for matching bags and wallets and other knick-knacks you might add.

Studded watches are another accessory to vouch for! It should go with your attire as well as the kind of function you’re attending. Men and women can choose from various watch designs. From slinky and slim to broad and big, watches are fun accessories to flaunt.

Have a budget to work on. When you travel, look for attractive designs and trends. That way you can mix and match styles from different countries and cultures. Be sure to click a pic for future use.

Finally, it’s always nice to design your own jewellery. Visit a reliable jewellery brand that can help you create customised jewellery with perfection. Jos Alukkas design team can guide you in this too. And then you can have your own collection—personaland suave. Let it reflect your personality and charisma, and be on top of the fashion trends always.

Every day, there are newer things and styles in the market but what stays is your statement. What you wear defines you.


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