August: Embrace the evening emerald

August: Embrace the evening emerald


“Wear a Peridot, or for thee,
No conjugal fidelity.
The August born without this stone,
‘Tis said, must live unloved alone.”

The poem may sound ominous, a little. But the stone is so not! The gem is one with contrasts, if you will…. It boasts a lime green hue that resonates a feeling of lightness about it. However, associations and representations that the stone is attached to, is of sterner stuff. The peridot is associated with social as well as religious symbolism. And its green colour is linked with the renewal of life and nature.

It is one of the few gemstones that come in one single colour—green. While there are variations in green like the lime green, yellowish-green and olive green, the lime green is the most sought. This lime green stone sparkles ever so brilliantly and is a popular gem when it comes to jewellery. Smaller sized peridot stones are used to make lovely long bead chains and bracelets. While the stone stands out better when paired with silver or platinum, setting it in gold makes it look like the entire ornament is one shimmering masterpiece.

Since the glimmer of a peridot is difficult to see in daylight, miners believed that the stone used to disappear during the day. And the glow it emanates at night gave it the name ‘Evening Emerald’.

The peridot is believed to be a protector against negative emotions. It is believed to be a powerful cleanser and is considered helpful in relieving stress.The wearer of the stone is assured of love, faithfulness, and loyalty as the rhyme implies. Peridot is also used to increase prosperity and progress. Also, a dream involving peridot is said to foretell impending danger. If all this wasn’t promising enough, the gemstone is believed to enhance vitality and slow the aging process as long as the stone is with you.

Feng shui too uses gemstones to balance the energy of homes or work spaces. The gemstones are believed to embody elemental energies as they are formed through the vigorous processes of nature. Peridot, in feng shui, is believed to invoke fire as it is formed as a byproduct of volcanoes—it is formed deep within the earth and is brought to the surface during volcanic eruptions. It is associated with prosperity and self-worth and is considered to work best when placed in the south direction of your home or office.

Peridot geodes are not only a pretty sight but can also be placed anywhere in your moving/working space to bring about positivity. Peridot jewellery on the other hand will heal and protect the wearer and also have lady luck smiling down at you. Now who can say no to that?


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