Armlet, Waistband, Anklets—style it the fun way!

Armlet, Waistband, Anklets—style it the fun way!

The main attractions of any bridal jewellery are the heavy dangling earrings, gold chokers, diamond studded necklaces and numerous bangles. While these items do have a role in making the bride beautiful, there are other contributors as well. Armlets, anklets and waistbands do not come under the “regular jewellery” category but they add a lovely charm to the overall bridal look. Read on to see how to style these accessories and also how to include them in your day-to-day look…

Armlets: Armlets, also known as “bajuband” or “ananta”, are a beautiful accessory for any Indian bride. While most armlets are made of gold, nowadays designers are experimenting with new options. So you choose between a chain armlet or lace armlet, both of which have their unique charm. Chain armlets are made of beads, silver/gold chains, etc and lace armlets are designed by combining lace with different stones. These armlets can be a fun accessory to glam up yout every look; it gives a chic or boho touch to your style. Team up your lace armlet with a sleeveless top or an evening dress to get the perfect look.

Golden or precious metal armlets are usually reserved for marriages and festive occasions. They sit pretty with heavy silk sarees and flowing anarkalis. During festivals like Diwali, Navratri, one can pair exquisitely designed armlets with ghagras and other traditional wear. 

Waistbands: Popularly known as the saree belt or belly chain, waistbands or kamarbands are hugely popular with brides. Available in a variety of designs like kundan studded, long chains, custom-made pieces, they give a traditional-classy touch to the bride. Made of pure gold/silver/pearls/, kamarbands can be designed in a single layer or multi layers. They can be a beautiful addition to your chaniya choli during Dandiya festivities.

Waistbands need not be reserved for big days like weddings or festive occasions only. You can team up a simple single-layered waistband with your saree, while going to work or on a get-together with your near and dear ones. You can custom-make waistbands with pearls or a string of gems. 

Anklets: Compared to armlets and waistbands, anklets are worn more on a daily basis by many. Anklets come in different designs and sizes and materials—gold, silver, embedded with precious stones etc. When out for social gatherings, team up your sarees and anarkalis with gold anklets embedded with tiny pearls to complete the look. While people mostly associate anklets with traditional wear, they can be smartly paired with fusion wear too. Slip it on with a pair of high heels for an elegant touch; for a fun, cool look pair an anklet with casual footwear like crocs, flip-flops and boots.

Whatever be the occasion, be it an impromptu gathering of friends or a grand wedding, mix and match your armlets, waistbands and anklets to come up with eye-catching combinations.


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