April: Sparkle with diamonds

April: Sparkle with diamonds


Whether they be tears of the Gods or they be formed by lightning bolts, as many mythological tales will tell us, diamonds are one of the most precious of the gemstones. They are coveted more for their shine and brilliance than any of the other properties. And lucky are those April-borns whose birthstone a diamond is. The gem is linked with romance, passion, myth, power, greed and what not. Moreover, as the age-old poem says:

She who from April dates her years,
Diamonds shall wear, lest bitter tears
For vain repentance flows

So then, it wouldn’t hurt to know how beneficial owning a diamond can be, now would it?

Believed to be one of the hardest substances found on the Earth, the diamond comes in a vast range of colours. There is the black diamond, the blue, the green, the pink, the red, the orange, yellow and such. Though the colours are formed due to the impurities in the stone, there’s no dearth in either the demand for the stones or in their market value as pieces of jewellery.

A member of the carbon family, the diamond is cut into various facets that reflect its brilliance. It is the clarity of the stone, the minimal impurities or inclusions found in it, its cut, and its size that determines the value of the diamond. That a diamond also boasts many healing and mystic properties should add to the investment value of owning and wearing a piece of diamond jewellery.

Wearing a diamond is believed to bring prosperity, invincibility and clarity of thought to the person. It is also believed to enrich your relationships and enhance your inner strength. Did we mention that it is also considered to be a symbol of eternal love? So now all that is left for you to do is decide on a budget, go to your trusted jewellery store, and buy your diamond.

Since diamonds come in many cuts and shapes and styles, you might want to browse through the diamond collection first to see what appeals. There is the popular round brilliant shape, the princess cut, or the emerald cut—even a mixture of shapes should look good. Then there is the style—classic and understated or the bold and colourful—to choose from. Another factor is deciding what base metal to go for. Depending on the look and style of the jewellery and your personal preference, it could be bright gold, white gold, a dull gold finish or maybe platinum. Always go for an open setting that fully reflects the light off the stone. Be sure that it’s a strong setting too.

What’s more, buying a diamond is considered as a really good investment. Now there should be nothing holding you back from buying or gifting a piece of that gorgeous sparkle! Make this month a special one for those who celebrate their birthdays and even for those who don’t. Does a month really matter when it comes to seeing that smile on your loved one’s face?


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