Adorn your neck with a choker

Adorn your neck with a choker

Chokers are a form of jewellery that have been around for a really long time now. Available in a range of designs that vary in terms of heaviness and embellishments, there is never a dearth of patterns for you to look at. And the best part is that the choker is a piece of jewellery that never seems to go out of style. You will find that it makes a handy accessory whether you are in a cocktail gown, a saree or an Indo-western fusion outfit. All you need to do is select the right kind of choker and you are set to make an impression.

Let’s look at the different types of chokers. Let’s start with the minimalist choker which is a delicate chain that wraps close around your neck. This can be a simple gold or platinum chain or if you so prefer, you can take things a step forward and have a slightly larger precious stone or pendant in the centre. When placed on the hollow, this delicate piece can draw attention to your slender neck. Another version of this is to include a lucky charm–a gold pendant, an initial, a precious stone or even a customized charm that dangles.

The layered choker is the kind that starts with a band around the neck, which can be in any precious metal of your choice. This can come with or without stones embellished into it. From this snug choker comes a delicate chain that sits further down your neck. This can be with a pendant, or a charm. The layered effect works very well with summer dresses and strappy dresses and open necklines.

If you would like to go the traditional way, then you have a range of designs to choose from. Think Kundan work, Meenakari work, stone studded chokers—thosethat have a gold mesh base, have broad panels for the neck and supported with beaded chains around the neck and more. These chokers can be stiff or have a delicate give to them to make them more comfortable, especially for those long functions that you have to attend.

Chokers are versatile and help you accessorize delicately. And if you are looking to make a statement, then there are pieces that can do that for you as well. Jos Alukkas has a range of chokers for you to choose from and if you have a dream design in mind, it can be customized just for you.




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