Add a touch of antique jewellery to your outfit

Add a touch of antique jewellery to your outfit

Antique jewellery has always had an irresistible appeal to it. The intricate designs, the choice of gemstones and even the quality of work is unparalleled. Over the years, Jos Alukkas has created an extensive antique jewellery section that brings to life designs that we may have seen growing up. These pieces of jewellery are reminiscent of an era gone by, yet hold an intense appeal and therefore, quite naturally, find their way into our jewellery boxes.

Antique jewellery pieces tend to be heavy and are ideally paired with traditional outfits. Especially during the wedding season, these are collections that are most favoured. The Parampara collection showcases the rich heritage of our country. From temple jewellery to motifs of a time gone by, each of these pieces are potential heirlooms in themselves.

Irrespective of age, a traditional outfit of a heavy saree, or a lehenga is best paired with antique jewellery. A simple bodice can be made to look glamourous with Kashu-mala motifs or a line of pota rubies, set in a gold backdrop. The inclusion of little drop bunches of precious stones across the breadth of a necklace can make it a stunning piece.

Antique jewellery also pairs well with western wear, though you have to be smart in your choices. A heavy choker or a singular maangtika, along with a solid coloured dress can bring together a fusion of fashion choices, in a glamorous way.

Pairing antique jewellery with your outfits is about gauging what enhances the look of your outfit the best. From heavy necklaces to bangle collection, to waist and arm bands and then some, Jos Alukkas has a collection that you would love to browse through.


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