A Valentine’s Day gift to cherish

A Valentine’s Day gift to cherish


February, the month of love. It brings with it Valentine’s Day and its celebration of love and relationships. The day honours the priest St Valentine and his sacrifices. Its story can be traced backed to the 5th century and is associated with the Christian holiday Lupercalia.

Valentine’s Day need not be only about your better half.It can be celebrated with your family members as well. It should be a day to enjoy some precious moments with your loved ones.

This special day is synonymous with balloons, chocolates, and most importantly, gifts. People thank their loved ones by gifting them something special—anything from a cuddly teddy bear or a small trinket to a beautiful holiday. Valentine’s Day jewellery is highly popular and during this time of the year, major showrooms like Jos Alukkas showcase their special Valentine’s Day collection.

Jewellery is a good choice as a gift for your Valentine when you want to express how special that person is to you. Designs especially catering to Valentine’s Day have already started making an appearance in stores, fashion shows and online portals. The most popular motif in most of them is the same—the heart. On offer are elegantbracelets, ear and neck pieces, pendants and rings. They also go by attractive names like ‘Eternal Love Pendant’, ‘Entwined in Love Pendant’, ‘The Art of Love Ring’ and the ‘Mirella’ and ‘Amadio’ range of signature rings, pendants, and earrings.

This year, go that extra mile and purchase jewellery from exclusive Valentine’s Day collections like the ‘Entwined Duet’collection and ‘Sound of Love’ collection among others. Couple rings and pendants are also very popular. Couples both young and old pledge their love and commitment towards each other by presenting each other these rings. These are available in gold, silver and platinum.

Jos Alukkas also has several special offers lined up for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. They have unveiled the Valentine’s Day collection ‘Cherish’, which includes diamond pendants, diamond necklace sets and diamond pendant sets, all available at attractive rates. Earrings and finger rings set in gold and diamond—all designed around the symbol of love—are available at all major showrooms across the country.

Surprise your loved ones this year with a beautiful trinket that will express your affection.


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