A Touch of Colour for the Stately Look

A Touch of Colour for the Stately Look

A Touch of Colour for the Stately Look

There is no disregarding the beauty that is gold jewellery. Yet, the glamour that a little colour adds to these precious metals cannot be denied. No matter what jewellery trends are currently on in the market, you will find that precious stones set in these metals add a new dimension in terms of colour and beauty. Here are some ways in which coloured stones make for some beautiful jewellery:

Rubies: Uncut or polished, you will be able to place these in chokers, necklaces and finger rings. They can be moulded into a range of shapes to suit the setting they are placed in. They look great in single stone settings for a finger ring, or as the focal point of dangling earrings. The great thing about rubies is that they can be paired with emeralds to make them look even more gorgeous in their precious metal settings.

Emeralds: The deep green of these stones have charmed many a jewellery lovers. Set in gold or platinum, they work very well in intricate temple jewellery and jhumkis as well. Wrist cuffs, solitaires, ruby and emerald earring settings all make for pretty designs.

Sapphires: The blue hues of a sapphire can be exceptionally mesmerising when placed in platinum. Set them in a ring with diamonds surrounding them. This enhances the colour of the sapphire and makes it the perfect accessory to an evening gown or a saree. Whether ensconced with other precious stones or stacked together in a range of precious metal settings, sapphires lend themselves to a rather regal look. They look especially beautiful in Victorian style intricate jewellery as well as in chokers and heavy set Indian jewellery.

Pearls: This white gift of the sea is by far a popular coloured precious stone that is used in Indian jewellery. Especially in cities like Hyderabad where cultured pearls are a thriving industry, these have found their way into a number of jewellery pieces—pearl necklaces and bangles in a range of designs are extremely popular for traditional Indian attire. Pearls are also used to accentuate other stones that may be used like rubies, garnets, sapphires and even diamonds. In fact, pearls are also available in pink and black among a few other rare colours which further enhances the look of jewellery.

Adding colour to traditional jewellery has been an age-old concept as seen in Kundan and Meenakari sets. Over the years, jewellers have moved with the times and create pieces that incorporate coloured stones and stains to create unique pieces unlike any other.


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