55 years of Jos Alukkas!

55 years of Jos AlukkasEmpires are not built overnight. Success does not happen in a day. It takes a vision and a
commitment to this vision to create a success story. The year 1964 was when Alukka Varghese took
the first step towards his dream, his vision. He introduced a world of beautiful glitter to the people
of Kerala, under the brand Jos Alukkas Jewellery. The concept of a gold supermarket—a store that
made all your jewellery desires come true—was relatively new, and people loved it. Varghese’s
oldest son, Jos Alukkas, took over the reins and literally scaled the brand to sparkling heights.
Gradually, the brand opened showrooms outside Kerala, in many cities across south of India. The
strength and inspiration to expand came from the trust and encouragement received from
customers. As the next generation—Jos Alukka’s three sons, Varghese Alukka, Paul J Alukka and John
Alukka—joined the business, they brought with them their innovative business sense, understanding
of the digital media and above all their commitment to never compromise quality for quantity. This
combination of traditional values and modern business strategies took the brand to more popularity
and success.

The launch of the online store was a big move and it saw almost instant success. The trust the brand
had earned over the decades translated into online sales too. People trusted the quality of jewellery,
the payment method and the delivery system; not to mention the convenience of shopping from the
comfort of your home. Online schemes, gift coupons, gold coins… and many exciting deals are on
offer too.

Jos alukkas
The digital space became a platform for effective and informative interaction with the millions of
customer base. Their photos, words of happiness and loyalty continue to be the main sparkles of Jos
Alukkas. In all these years, the brand stayed conscious and true to its decision to source the best &
purest metals and gemstones and to offer customers total value for their money.

The brand continues to bring out jewellery—gold, diamond and platinum—that excites people,
brings out an emotion in them and is also elegant and trendy. In this long journey of 55 years, what
had made Jos Alukkas relevant and unique is the ability to adapt to changing times while still staying
rooted to values. Thank you for placing your trust in us. We hope to make you a part of our
celebrations and we present to you special discounts, offers and gifts worth Rs 5 crore. Do shop with
us on this momentous month, and get lucky. We hope to spread more joy and sparkles to your lives.


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